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ZBAE72-2 Pack

Belimo ZBAE72 Probe Only
MSRP: $118.00
Price: $44.26
You Save: $73.74 (62 %)

2-Pack Belimo ZBAE72, Thermoelectrical tripping devices, Probe End Only for device below.

BAE72-S, Thermoelectric tripping device
operates in conjunction with a spring-return actuator to drive a motorized fire damper to its “safe” position in the event of the preset maximum temperature being exceeded. The device is normally connected to the BKN230-24… communications and power unit. In systems with no such unit, the BAE72-S device is connected in series with the power supply of the spring-return actuator (use only 24 V actuators).


Technical data  BAE72-S
Rated voltage  AC/DC 24 V
Rated current max.  3 A
Through resistance  < 1Ω
Degree of protection  IP 54
Connection cable  1.2m long, 2 × 0.5mm2, BETAflam 145
Protection class  III safety extra-low voltage
Operating temperature  72 °C
Ambient temperature range  – 30…+ 50 °C
Non-operating temperature  –40…+ 50 °C
Humidity test  to EN 60730-1
EMC  CE according to 89/336/EEC
Maintenance  maintenance-free
Weight  85 g


Mode of operation

The BAE72-S tripping device employs three thermal trips Tf1, Tf2 and Tf3. Thermal trip Tf1 operates if the ambient temperature exceeds 72 °C. Replaceable thermal trip Tf2/Tf3 operates if the temperature inside the duct exceeds 72 °C. Tf1, Tf2 or Tf3 trips cause the power supply to be interrupted permanently so that it cannot be uncancelled. If the power supply is interrupted, the energy stored in the spring moves the damper back to its safe position.


Local function check

This version of the BAE tripping device incorporates a test button for performing a local function check on the safety damper. The operating of the thermal trips Tf1 or Tf2/Tf3 can be simulated like this. Note: In an installation incorporating a BKN230-24… unit, the BAE test is followed by an automatic check routine performed by BKS24-… device which then initiates a fault alarm.



The Thermoelectric tripping device must be mounted on the duct or on the side of the damper by means of the prefixed self-tapping screws in such a manner that there is an unobstructed flow of air to thermal trip from the appropriate source.


Spare parts (Order-N°)

Thermal trip Tf2/Tf3 (ZBAE72)

Thermal trip Tf2/95 °C (ZBAE95)

Item Number: ZBAE72-2 Pack
Manufacturer: Belimo
Manufacturer Part No: ZBAE72-2 Pack

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