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Belimo Part Number: P6300S-180+AKRX24-PI

Torque: 180 in-lb [20Nm]

Valve Size: 3"

Flow Pattern: 2 Way

Flow Characteristic: equal percentage/linear

Power Supply: 24 VAC 20%, 24 VDC 10%

Running Time (motor): --

Running Time (fail-safe): 35 seconds

Technical Data Sheet

Valve Specifications
Service  chilled or hot water, 50% glycol max (closed loop/steam not allowed)
Flow characteristic  equal percentage / linear
Controllable flow range  90 degrees rotation
Size  2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Type of end fitting pattern to mate with ANSI 125 flange
Body pressure rating according to ANSI 125, standard class B
Media temp. range 36deg.F to 250deg.F [2deg.C to 120deg.C]
Conductivity  Min. 20uS/cm (no fully desalinated systems)
Leakage 0%
Differential pressure range(delte-P) 5 to 50 psid
Inlet length required in front of valve 5x DN
Power supply for the flow sensor sensor is powered by the actuator
Body cast iron - GG25 and ductile iron - GGG50
Ball stainless steel
seat PTFE
Characterizing disc stainless steel
Packing 2 EPDM O-rings, lubricated
Electronic Pressure Independent Valves (ePIV)
Water-side control of heating and cooling systems for AHUs and heat pumps. Equal Percentage: Heating / cooling applications. Linear Characteristic: Bypass control.
Mode of Operation
The Electronic Pressure Independent Control Valve is a two-way valve which is unaffected by pressure variations in a system.
Product Features
Constant flow regardless of pressure variations in the system. Maximizes chiller ?T, preventing energizing additional chillers due to low ?-T. Simplifi ed valve sizing and selection, no Cv calculations required.


Valve Innovations
1. Pressure independent valves compensate for pressure variations, performing a continual balancing function to maintain system performance at varying loads.
2. Precise flow control eliminates over-pumping and provides favorable energy savings.
3. Equal percentage flow characteristics leads to system controllability.
4. Pressure independent valve prevent energizing additional chillers by maintaining desirable Delta T.
5. Constant flow performance significantly reduces actuator movement, providing less hunting and wear on the valve assembly.
6. Pressure independent valves are selected based on coil flow rate and no Cv calculations are needed.
Flow Pattern: 2 Way
Valve Size: 3"
Item Number: P6300S-180+AKRX24-PI
Manufacturer: Belimo
Manufacturer Part No: P6300S-180+AKRX24-PI

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