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Battery Back Up System for SY(1~5)-24P

Technical Data Sheet

NSV-SY Battery Back-Up System
For Belimo SY Series Electric Actuators, 2 Position or Modulating

1. Provides Fail-Safe Operation for SY Series Industrial Electric Actuators, SY1 thru SY12.
2. Field Selectable Fail Direction
3. Readily Available Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Packs
4. Provides 500% of Power Requirements for Full Load Cycle
5. Key Lock Hinged Front Steel Controls Enclosure

Typically, applications requiring fail-safe operation of actuated devices have had to rely on either the limited power of mechanical spring return actuators, or use costly high pressure pneumatic devices to provide fail-safe positioning. Model NSV series computer-grade UPS back-up systems designed for use with SY Series electric industrial quarter-turn actuators provides the power necessary to drive these actuators to a fi eld selectable fail-safe position. The system consists of a painted steel key lock hinged door controls cabinet which houses the logic switching, all fi eld wiring terminal points and a computer-grade back-up system. The back-up system is a component-level device which utilizes a replaceable spill-proof battery pack that can be readily purchased at most offi ce-supply centers.

Safety in Numbers
The system is designed to provide at a minimum up to 500% of the power required to drive the various actuators through their full 90 degree rotation at full running amperage draws. However, when the actuators have reached their fi eld-selectable end-of-travel positions, current draw drops to zero and the back-up system sits idle until either the time-out function integral to the battery is reached or the mains power returns, whichever occurs first.

Simple User Interface
Indicator lights visible through the viewport on the front and side of the control cabinet give status indication of mains power, back-up system charging and fail-safe operation. The NSV series is powered from building power and all power and logic interface wiring passes through the control cabinet. There are two different series produced,one is used for actuators which operate under 2 position or on/off control schemes, while the second series is used for actuators operating under proportional control schemes. Various models are available within these two series to provide the most cost effective and effi cient means of providing fail-safe operation for these actuators.

Item Number: NSV-SY-12
Manufacturer: Belimo
Manufacturer Part No: NSV-SY-12

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